RYSE: Realizing Your Sublime Energies


What you can expect from RYSE

RYSE is an energy healing modality that is an extension of Polarity Therapy.  It deeply clears your entire energy system, including the chakras, aura, ida and pingala, spiraling air pattern, inner male and inner female and more. RYSE is a series of five healing sessions. The sessions must be done in order, and offer a progression of deep healing and evolutionary awakening.

  • RYSE Level 1 clears the entire energy system:  chakras, all layers of the aura, the ida and pingala, spiraling air patterns, and the inner male and female energies.  Male and female energies (or yin/yang; Shiva/Shakti) are merged to balance of both sets of qualities.

  • RYSE Level 2 repeats all of Level 1, plus: eliminates the energy of expectations from others and yourself that are held in the upper back, neck and shoulders, freeing you to be all of who you are from our own highest truth and alignment. Also releases cellular memories that no longer serve you, including memories from your earliest years and past lives. There is a new freedom to walk in your truth.

  • RYSE Level 3a clears sub-personalities – aspects of you who are challenging (shadows) and are in the way of your full expression.  Also, aspects that strengthen you are brought to their fullest, highest expression. Sub-personalities also include aspects of you who know how to continually keep your energy system clear; how to access your vitality and joy.

  • RYSE Level 3b Your life cycles are cleared, including energy from traumas:  from your conception to your inner infant, toddler, child, teenager, young adult---all the way through to your inner elder and transition to Heaven.

  • RYSE Level 4 evolves your energy system toward its fullest potential, and therefore supports your conscious evolution toward manifesting all of who you are and what you want to create. Also you receive an energetic initiation into your soul’s essential perfection.

You can expect to be lifted away from limiting behaviors and patterns so you can express more of who you really are, and who you want to become. From the new level of vibration RYSE provides, you manifest easily, life becomes more of an effortless flow, filled with east and joy, peace and inspiration.