"Inner Child on a Mission"

SoulCollage® is a fun gathering where you can play with images from magazines, catalogs or calendars and organize them onto 5 X 8 inch mat board to create a "deck" of cards that hold meaning for you.  Create cards that represent your passions, pleasures, family, community, inner aspects of yourself...your shadows, archetypes, anything!  There are four "suits" with SoulCollage®, which you can use or create your own. 

In these gatherings, all materials are supplied, including images, glue sticks and mat boards.  After creating some cards, we walk around for a gallery walk to look at everyone's creations.

There is also a writing aspect to this process, so you can journal what the card means to you.  Sometimes we are unsure of the meaning of the card, until we give the card a "voice" which states "I am the one who...."  (See some samples below.)

It's fun, simple and soulful!

Dates and times for SoulCollage® classes are listed on the home page.  They are normally held the first Sunday of every month, 1-4 PM.

Judy is a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator.

"The Offering"
May I receive wisdom
from sacred beings
and cry tears of gratitude
for the endless offerings
given freely when I simply
close my eyes to
open, yearn and ask.                                   Prayers for the Universe

"Inner Sight"  6th Chakra

Diamond Path                                       Heart on Fire

"Sacred Intuition"                                    Opening to Buddha

Temple Blessing                                                    
        May I surrender to grace.                       I
In the temple of my knowing I let go.
          Embody me with your endless hues of love.
      May I see, feel and become your servant.

Purple Mountain Majesty
I am told
all that I perceive I am.
Oh great mountains,
thank you for reminding me of my own
astounding magnificence.
 All day you gaze at God.
That bright sun tells me I am light.
At night the stars surround you.
Both you and I are limitless.
Oh how I wish for wings
to rise above earth and see from eagle's eye
the never-ending beauty of all that is.
Take me now.

Steps to Heaven
 I dream of my own longing.
Somewhere through the veils there is a place
where peace is constant.
Take me there.
My I climb the steps
and enter the doorway.
After all the trying, the struggles,
the seeking and searching,
may I perceive the Truth of my own Self.


Mountain Union

Oh great earth
May I disappear in you.
Thank you for holding
the many forces of life.
I am humbled by your beauty.
Here I am
so you can see your Self.
I am witness.
See your beauty through my eyes
...these colors...
feel...these winds...
know the awe of your presence.
We are not separate.
Your mountains my flesh;
your water my feelings;
your air my mind.
Mother of all
enfold me in your consciousness.
In union I shall know creation.

"Light Bearer"                                               "Peace Within'


What if
I were aware
I was born beautiful
and perfect
and complete?
And each branch
of this life
held a mark
in the cosmic web
that in some way
became imperative
for a seed…a path
…an inspiration
to complete itself?


"Green Tara"                                              "Embodied Universe"


"The Mystic and her Guide"             "Doorway  to Fifth Dimension"

I am the one who is the Mystic.
I receive guidance from the
winged creatures who see
from above with eyes that span
many miles.  I am the one who
is merged with the waters, the
winds, the light and the earth--
the elements of creation that
evoke from me the depth of
my own creative force.
There are beings around me
who, when summoned, supply
me with insight and direct my path.
I am one who sees, knows, and trusts
in the unseen, the unknowable...
the unity of All That Is.


Best Friends and a Dog"


"Dog Day"                            Honoring stillness



"Self Love Unfolding"                         "Raining Bats"


"Wisdom Path"

"Sacred Dream"


"Humility among the elements"               "Mystic Helper"


"Two Dimensions"



"Joy and Laughter"                                  "Welcoming Intuition"               


"Owl Friend"

"Lighting my Way"


"Wisdom Walk"




Fortune Teller and Guide

   Such A Gem                                 Web Matrix


Journey with Heart                                     Inner Path

Star Connection                                       Wisdom and Peace

Prayers                                               Path to the Monastery


Tree Embrace                                                                 Gem Forest                       


SoulCollage® classes with Judy are held (normally) the first Sunday of each month from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. for $30 (all materials are supplied).

SoulCollage® was developed by Seena Frost ( ).

SoulCollage® cards are made either from one's own art or from images found in materials like magazines, catalogs and calendars. These collaged cards are used only for the cardmaker's own inner exploration.
     SoulCollage® cards are not sold, traded, bartered, or copied (except as a back-up for the card maker's own use).                     
     Where SoulCollage® cards are available to be seen by others, it is for the purposes either of demonstrating the SoulCollage® process or of sharing the card maker's inner process in the context of community.
     SoulCollage® is grateful to the artists and photographers who make this deep awakening process possible and in all ways SoulCollage® seeks to be respectful of their rights.

Dervish Cave                                                                        Owl Guide


Wisdom Drop

Ravens Speak                                      Welcome Path

I am one who is present in other realms,
ready to learn from wise ones who seek
to make their wisdom known. I am one
who hears the whispers of ravens
guiding my way toward Mystery.
What you give to me is a bridge toward my
inner knowing. What you want from me
is a heart that bears no veils and seeks
only Truth.

Feather and Vessels                             Unlock my heart please


Romance                                               Sacred Aloneness

Visioning                                                 Sacred Heart

The hands of Time                             Cosmic alignment

I am the one who seeks more time,
keeping a watchful eye on making
moments count. Always reaching
for one more way to fill a day,
one more thing to do, create,
think about, try, explore, and dream.
The gift I have for you is to know
there is no turning back the hands
of time, no moment to waste, no
day to be left unexplored. What I
want you to know is timelessness
exists for you also, in the presence
of each moment. Presence lifts
you beyond time, where your watchful
witness greets your true and boundless Self.


Gem steps


Buddha Gem                                                 Lightshower

Flower Flow

Moon Window                                      Queen Archetype


Stepping Up                                                  Welcoming Witness


Yoga princess                                               Reaching for the Light

A birdie told me                                         Breath for the Heart

Oh such love                                            Reaching for my star


The Whirl of Life