Private Healing Sessions with Judy

My intention for each session is to help you let go of what no longer serves you by bringing in the highest divine energy for you.  I am a Registered and Board Certified Polarity Therapist (RPP), Reiki Master Teacher (RMT)
licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) and hold certifications in many other modalities.  I often combine modalities that blend together well, to provide an exponential result. Call anytime!
Whether you are feeling unhappy, stuck, frustrated or not in your joy for any reason, this work will help you.  Emotional healing is a common request and with a master's degree in Psychological Studies, I welcome the depth of healing work for emotional wellbeing.

Double the fun with Reiki for two (or more!)
Whether you are celebrating with someone or you just want to relax with friends or family, the Higher Balance Reiki practitioners can serve up to four people at once.
    Make a special event more special with a group reading with angel and oracle card readings.  Call for rates.

Descriptions and rates are listed below.

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  Sacred Sound and Crystal Healing with Judy! 

   Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Temple Bells, Chimes, Harpsicle, gong, Angelic music, Toning, optional incense.  Rest in pure consciousness, enter the expansive realm of Spirit, experience your Self as you never have before!  Private sessions, $75. Couples: $100

healing touch foot massage hands on forehead


Healing modalities

Judy provides Polarity Therapy, RYSE®, Rising Star, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, Massage, Sacred Sound an Crystal Healing and Reiki Healing.  Also, a new and powerful addition: Divine Openings and Divine Healing.

 Most sessions include intuitive guidance and an angel card reading.

Distance healing with Reiki, RYSE or Divine Openings is also available and very effective.  Clients report pleasant sensations and have  immediate results that are the same as if they were in a person-to-person session.  Rates for distance are the same as rates for one-hour sessions.

A group RYSE clearing or RYSE workshop is available onsite at your location.  Contact Judy if you would like to host her for a RYSE clearing or workshop.

Menu of Services and rates

Divine Openings
An enlightenment activation, supported by the teachings by Lola Jones in the book Things are Going Great in my Absence.

Divine Healing
Three sessions are recommended initially. Divine Healing works on all levels of your being.

Swedish massage to comfort muscles,
increase circulation and relaxation

Hands-on clearing creates transformation
and alignment with your clarity, joy

Realizing Your Sublime Energies –
a powerful way to empower and transform  

Very calming, full hand contact to give you
peace, relaxation and nurturing

Rising Star
Pure light and energy, with hands above the body

Sacred Sound and Crystal Healing
Sacred sound through crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, temple bells, chimes, ohm tuning forks and toning.  Clear quartz crystals and bowls are placed on the chakras.

Reconnective Healing
Balances mind, body and spirit and aligns
you to your highest being

The Reconnection
Connects you to your Light Body and
moves you toward your soul’s purpose

Coaching (also - Coaching with Divine Openings)
Speak your heart and mind; receive heartfelt
listening & intuitive guidance 

Coaching with Energywork
Talk through your thoughts and feelings;
energywork clears and aligns


60 minute healing sessions

Massage, Polarity, RYSE, Reiki, Reconnective Healing 
and Sacred Sound Healing, Divine Openings                             85                            85                                                                                                                                                                              

 Rising Star Healing System                                                   150

 The Reconnection (for both sessions)                                     333

90-minute healing sessions

  Massage, Polarity, RYSE/Polarity combo
                                      Sliding scale (your choice)           85 - 140

Two-Hour SoulSpace (full body massage, polarity, aroma) 
Sliding scale (your choice)                                               160 - 195


Intuitive Coaching or Coaching with Divine Openings

       One hour                                                                          85

Two-Hour Coaching and Energy Healing Combo                   160-195
Great for deep release with compassionate listening
and energetic support.


Judy's private healing sessions provide
      --transformation and awakening
      --optimism and creativity
      --a better flow in life
      -- more energy and motivation
Judy accesses intuition and higher energy to provide a wonderful inner journey with lasting results.

No matter which type of healing work you choose, expect magic in your life!  Most modalities encompass some sound healing (toning, chimes, and singing bowls), which quickly raise energy. Intuitive guidance is typically part of every session.  Judy uses her intuitive ability throughout your session, and receives information from your body and energy system to guide her work.  Information from guidance often comes through to provide direct, meaningful messages of encouragement for all Judy's clients.

Recent client comments

"The  moment I got up from the table from Polarity I knew this peace would be lasting, and it has been."

"The shift following The Reconnection has been incredibly positive and remarkable.  My intuition really opened up and meaningful things are coming my way all the time."

I spent years healing certain wounds and Judy did it in one RYSE session.


"Wise, intuitive, awake, affirming."

"Sessions with Judy are thoughtful, caring and deeply relaxing. When I leave the session I feel aligned, balanced and centered. Judy has quiet beauty and masterful skill and fills each moment, blending  modalities to assist in a peaceful atmosphere to nest into. Creating a sanctuary from the world, refreshing and soothing, Judy is, grounded, highly textured, radical in her candor. I highly recommend her to all my friends. She is a rare jewel and gift to the world."
Rosemary S., Lynn

The Polarity/RYSE sessions have made an amazing difference in my life so far and I am looking forward to completing the series.
I have noticed such a huge difference within myself and I'm feeling much better, stronger and lighter. I am truly elevating my awareness spiritually, emotionally and physically. Thank you so much for your compassion and nurturing healing sessions! -Angela M. 


"The Reconnection has been an amazing experience for me. My mind is expanding daily. My ability to stay in the present has increased. When I meditate I easily slip into the "gap." I can't wait to see what's next!  I feel so grounded.  My listening skills are so refined. I feel so blessed. I am amazed--it all just clicked in. Thank you Judy!"
Love, Barbara Dean

"I came to Judy for a Reconnective healing this summer (2010) and got up off the table after 45 minutes. of what can only be described as bliss and  a connection with Spirit as I've never had before. I was able to look myself in the mirror afterward and say "I love you." to myself. It was a truly life changing experience. I came back several weeks later for the Reconnection. Shortly after I set the appt (before the actual Reconnection) a major debt was cleared for me. In the weeks and months that have followed the Reconnection I have become,  more and more aware of the closeness of Spirit and little everyday kinds of bothers have faded from my life."
Pam O'Donnell
   Rockport, MA

"Judy is bathed in Divine Light which she connects to with the full intention of assisting each of us in our personal journey.  I asked Judy for The Reconnection about a year ago..  I must admit I was extremely surprised by the strength of this work.  One year later, this Divine Light is still working and assisting me in easily locating that place of peace, Light, and calmness inside myself. My personal experience is that it helps me to align my energy quickly and have more patience in dealing with my children.  I believe that The Reconnection brings it's help to whatever each individual requires to heal their inner self and sooth their own personal journey.  I recommend that everyone take advantage of this unique experience in healing!" 
   Helene Olsen, Psychic Medium
  Salem MA


 "Shifts have occurred since The Reconnection, especially in the area of my personal and spiritual mission. Many wonderful situations are unfolding, bringing me to a new expansion for my teaching and coaching others. My dream came true!  Also I feel a deep letting go of what no longer serves my purpose. It seems that all that is true to my values and my honor code is more firmly rooted. Staying present and living mindfully now aid me toward a deeper sense of purpose and trust."
     Lynn,  MA

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